Get Muddy

burning wood above rocks

Food, games, dirty feet and clean slates. 

This weekend we took our whole team on a retreat in the mountains. 

It was cold. We got muddy. We laughed. We cried. Things got real. 

We shared stories about the past 5 years and how it has led us to the place we have arrived today. And then we shared vision for what the next 5 years could look like and how we can possibly get there. 

5 Years ago our family was getting ready to hand over the leadership of our team in Amsterdam to new leaders. 

2 years after arriving in Arco (Italy) a global pandemic had arrived and after having made a small attempt at building a team, we were back to just our family, trying to figure out what to do next.

This past weekend we were with 29 of us (we also count the littlest ones)! Vision for more training programs, new schools, local projects, national and international vision – watch this space.  

I can’t tell you how grateful we are for the team that we’re running with!

  • We searched our motives and dug deep for vision for the future.
  • We shared about our challenges and support one another for the breakthroughs.
  • We played games together and laughed until our bellies hurt.
  • We ate good food together, explored nature together, shared dreams & visions, hopes & fears.

All from a place of rest.

Sometimes we just run from one project to the next, one vision to the other, without pausing to think if we’re still on the right track.

In their book ‘Rare Leadership,’ Marcus Warner and Jim Wilder talk about the importance of operating on a foundation of relationship.

“In the business world, leaders who learn how to build strong relational community in which people like working together and enjoy being around each other will have a much more engaged workforce.”

—Marcus Warner & Jim Wilder in ‘Rare Leadership’

How often do we truly pause to prioritise people over projects? How often do you take time to make sure we’re operating from a place of vision and joy?

Rare Leadership’ is an incredible book for leaders who would like to learn to lead with priority for people over projects.

Not sure how this works with copyright and stuff, but I’d love to share more insights from the book here, if Marcus & Jim don’t stop me.

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