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Safety Railing

We live in Northern Italy where the mountains are steep and the roads are wild. If you’ve ever driven these mountain roads and see how

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Rico V.

Made For This

Ever heard of the Dutch kickboxer Rico Verhoeven? You should look up his name. What an absolute legend. I’m not necessarily a big fan of

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Free Puppies Lessons on Initiative

Free Puppies

Living above an organic grocery store provides for lots of fun opportunities. It’s more like a community of friends and friends of friends. A couple

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Tip of the Iceberg

You’ve probably heard of “The Ten Thousand Hour Rule.” The idea stems from Malcolm Gladwell’s book ‘Outliers,’ stating that “ten thousand hours is the magic

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About Reinier

Reinier and his family are global citizens, currently living near the mountains and lakes of Northern Italy.

Reinier is on a mission to help millennial leaders take a leap of faith in pursuit of purpose, adding value to people and planet.

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