Meet Reinier

Intrigued by the impact of healthy leadership from a very young age, I have been involved in many different roles of leadership for most of my life, always learning through both formal as well as informal training on the way.

Different public speaking opportunities took me to over 30 different countries worldwide, and to almost every continent.

After having been in leadership as the directors of a large operating location of a global non-profit called ‘YWAM’ in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), we moved our family to Italy in 2018 to pioneer and lead a new team in Arco, Trentino (Northern Italy).

With over twenty years of experience in the areas of leadership development, personal coaching and mentoring, as well as building and leading teams around life changing visions and projects, you can expect to receive powerful principles of personal and professional growth, packed with practical applications to see a multiplication of lasting impact.

My strengths are in the areas of public speaking, visionary leadership, pioneering, team leadership, change management, different leadership styles and models, cross-cultural team management, conflict resolution, coaching, and personal & leadership development.

Much of my material is based on the work of some of the classic leadership authors like Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, and Jim Collins, but also more current sources like Malcolm Gladwell, Ryan Holiday, and Simon Sinek, and of course my own personal experiences and leadership lessons throughout the years. 

My promise to you is that I can help you, your team, your business and your audience define and achieve success and significance with impact and fulfilment in life and leadership.