Reinier is a bright person, always willing to cooperate and network. It is thanks to this openness that it is possible to create collaborative ties based on relationships, on the common good, which goes beyond personal interest. With his years of international experience there is an openness to the whole world and an awareness that working together is a value in itself.
"To work with Reinier was such a pleasure and really inspirational! He really is innovative and has a visionary mindset. Relational, hard worker, humor, passion, excellence, family man, bold, loving are words that describe Reinier. If I get the chance I would right away work with him again!!"
"From my time with Reinier, I saw he had learned to keep the long term vision and goals forefront yet do what was necessary in the day to day for sustainability and growth toward those goals. He has a lot to teach leaders new and old about leadership and pioneering new projects and seeing them come to fruition!"
"Reinier is a relational, innovative, and creative thinking leader, who doesn’t just teach leadership principles but lives them. I’ve had the honour of witnessing and experiencing his sharp eye in spotting strengths and potential and championing and equipping people to be the leaders they are meant to be."

Make an impact. Leave a legacy.