First Advent: Hope


Hope requires creativity.

The ability to see a different future than the reality that is now.

Activating hope involves engaging the imagination.

Daring to hope includes a good portion of risk that things may not eventually turn out to be as you imagine they will be.

Risk to be disappointed.

There is a HOPE that never disappoints.

Tomorrow is the first of the four Sundays of Advent leading up to Christmas. There are many different versions of the different themes for these weeks.

Advent signifies the waiting in anticipation of the celebration of the birth of Jesus. Our living Hope.

What are your family traditions during Advent?

You may or may not be used to lighting candles specifically during this time. Why not give it a go?

Light one candle for the first Sunday of advent, two on the second Sunday of Advent, three on the third, four on the fourth and some would then light a fifth on Christmas morning. And when you do, bring your friends or family together for a moment of reflection, meditating on the significance of Advent.

There are many versions of different themes to follow for these 4 or 5 candles.

In the next few weeks I’m hoping to share a few brief thoughts about
– Hope for the first Sunday of advent
– Peace for the second second Sunday 
– Love for the third Sunday 
– Joy for the fourth Sunday of advent, and
– CHRIST for Christmas

We’ll be lighting our first candle with our family tomorrow morning and talk about the significance of HOPE.

Will you join us? Let me know in the comments.

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