Build the Plane Mid-Air

Can you relate to this feeling? You’re supposed to be in charge of the project. You have a team of people you’re responsible for. All their eyes are fixed on you, hoping you know exactly what you’re doing. Not just hoping, expecting you to be the expert.

Yet it feels like you’re building the plane while it’s already flying. The crew is on board, the passengers are told to “sit back, relax,” but you feel like you’re both supposed to be flying the plane as pilot, as well as the ground crew, air traffic control tower, heck – even sticking on the wings with duct tape.

You know what’s worse? Not knowing what you’re doing, but still pretending to know. Some of my most beautiful moments of synergy have been when I was able embrace the embarrassment and just admit it: we had found ourselves in a situation that none of us had encountered before. The level of ownership, humbleness in individuals, but pride in team went through the roof.

Let’s just admit it.

This is completely new to me. Yes, I’m passionate about sharing leadership lessons, but I’m pretty nervous about it. What if I don’t know what to write after my 5th post? What if no one is going to end up reading this? What if no one is going to ask me for training, coaching or consulting? That would be quite the embarrassment.

But here we are. Help me out team. Let’s build this plane mid-air. I like it adventurous like that.

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