‘Two wolves’

When you have kids with ages ranging between 15 and 6 it can be nearly impossible to pick a movie that everyone likes. Let’s forget about what the parents like for a second.

The other day we watched Tomorrowland. Although the kids weren’t overly excited about it there was one quote that stuck with me for the next few days.

Right in the midst of all the classic movie-like challenges the question is posed…

“There are two wolves who are always fighting. One is darkness and despair. The other is light and hope. The question is: which wolf wins?”


You guessed it. Although the cheesiness of the quote gives away a little bit of the general atmosphere of the movie it did stick with me and made me wonder what wolf I tend to feed throughout my days.

You may have heard of the expression of ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothes.’ What wolf of despair comes knocking at your door pretending to be ‘caring,’ but it’s worry? Or ‘let’s just not get too crazy’ about something, but it’s plain old fear?

How do you find the inner wolf that knows how to take a risk and fight for what you know is right but it might cost you a lot to get there?

Light and hope. Choose light and hope today. Fight for it.

Oh, and if you end up watching Tomorrowland with or without any kids, let me know what you think in the comments.

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